A Foray into Crochet

My grandma is a master with the crochet hook. She has made each of her many grandchildren a blanket for their high school graduation. Mine adorns my bed as I write! She also makes beautiful doilies. They are dainty and detailed… I don’t know how she does it. I learned to knit first and got good enough to understand how to make hats and scarves and blankets, but I am still awkward with the needles and kind of fumble around. I decided to try my grandma’s craft and pick up a crochet hook!

I made a couple of scarves and such, but then a bunch of my friends started getting married and I thought I would start a tradition! I would make my friends a blanket in the colors of their wedding!

Now, unfortunately lupus has made keeping up with this tradition a little slower than I’d hoped… my hands don’t work very well, BUT I have a list and am keeping up with the tradition… it is just slow going.

This post has the first wedding blanket I made AND the first baby blanket I made! You have to start somewhere, and these two projects are solid color projects.

Brian and Emilyn met in college and fell in love : ) Their wedding colors were navy and apple green, but because this was the first blanket I ever attempted to make, I chose to stick with just navy!

Life in the Burrow - Foray into Crochet

This blanket was made from a simple Half Double Crochet stitch repeated over and over. I bought all of the skeins I needed all at one time, but do you see the dark stripe? One of the skeins had a darker section. It turned out okay, though! This ended up being about the size of a queen mattress top. I added some fringe for fun. It took about three months when it was all said and done.

Life in the Burrow - Foray into Crochet

I laundered the blankets after the staging photos were taken : ) Luckily, the blanket got even softer after it was washed! That was nice. Brian and Emilyn have been married for quite a few years now and the last time I checked, they said the blanket was still hanging in there. Hopefully it will for a bit longer, though it was my first one….so, who knows!


This next blanket was for a friend’s sweet little girl named Kaidence. Her baby color was a bold purple. Again, I was new to the whole crochet thing, but I was excited to try a new stitch and a new type of edging.

Life in the Burrow - Foray into Crochet

This was the linen stitch with a bobble edging. This stitch came out very even and was very quick to turn out. I foresee using this stitch again in the future! I like the clean look of the pattern as well!

Life in the Burrow - Foray into Crochet

This stitch is a bit thicker which means this blanket isn’t really made for newborns. Its more of a picnic blanket, or a rough-housing blanket. But it is durable, can stand up to being washed a bunch, and is easy for play!

Here is a close up of the bobble edge. It gave the blanket a wavy look to the edges, but I like the way it turned out a lot:

Life in the Burrow - Foray into Crochet

It is a very simple stitch. Trust me, Google or Youtube how to do the pattern. If I can do it… the English teacher who can’t count worth a hoot, then anyone can do it!!

Crochet is an easy way to relax. It is fun to do while you watch your favorite show or movie and it keeps your hands busy! If you struggle with your joints, go slowly and take breaks, because holding the crochet hook can be a bit painful, but the beautiful stuff you turn out is worth it in the end!

Happy Hooking!

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