Life in the Burrow



Hello! I’m Mills and welcome to my online hoard of creativity! I teach high school by day, but by night I love to build and make whatever I can. Working with my hands gives me a sort of serenity and peace that I just don’t quite get standing in front of humans and talking all day. I have an amazing little house from 1929 that I’ve lovingly nicknamed The Burrow (inspired by my favorite wizarding family) and am the adoptive human of the sweetest rescue pup ever, Junie B.

I love celtic music, scifi movies, unhealthy food, and spending time with people I cherish. My username is inspired by Lord of the Rings, my dad and my theatre background taught me how to use fun tools, and my inner monologue speaks with a British accent. This blog is a collection of all of my projects whether they be in the classroom, small crafts, crochet, bigger furniture pieces, or even recipes I’ve decided to try. Check out the categories on the right side of the page to browse those different projects, recipes, and life-musings!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your own amazing creations!

Life in the Burrow - Junie on the Stoop
The Burrow and Junie B
Life in the Burrow - Junie B
My bullmastiff mutt!