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Harvest your own Aloe from an Aloe Vera Plant!

Aloe Vera plants are hardy and an adorable addition to any container garden. However, they are also incredibly useful! I purchased a tiny little aloe vera plant years ago and named him Octo. He began to flourish and grow like crazy so I began to research how I could make use of the wonderful aloe inside each leaf. After pouring over tons of online material, I came up with this method which is a mishmash of lots of what I read! To remove the leaves, you can either slice them off close to the stalk with a sharp knife or…

The Burrow’s Basement Craft Zone

Craft rooms. Doesn’t every girl dream of having one? Well…. I did! I know my sister dreams of a dedicated craft zone, too. In the same section of The Burrow’s basement as the laundry room, there was a dead space along a wall with some amazing shiplap. The Burrow was built in 1929 in northern Indiana so, it is plaster and lath, but there is a single wall of pretty shiplap in the basement. This side of the wall  had already been painted white and the vertical studs were visible as well. I decided to…