The Burrow’s Basement Craft Zone

Craft rooms. Doesn’t every girl dream of having one? Well…. I did! I know my sister dreams of a dedicated craft zone, too. In the same section of The Burrow’s basement as the laundry room, there was a dead space along a wall with some amazing shiplap. The Burrow was built in 1929 in northern Indiana so, it is plaster and lath, but there is a single wall of pretty shiplap in the basement. This side of the wall  had already been painted white and the vertical studs were visible as well. I decided to go to town and make this the start of a little craft area! Even though it was pretty awkward, I had ideas to make some creative storage options work!

I did the first stages of this project pretty much as soon as I moved in, so I don’t have before photos. But… we can all picture a blank wall, right? Haha!

Here is the first stage of finishing the project: Life in the Burrow: Basement Craft Zone

Okay, so in this photo there is a lot to see. I purchased the dark lockers for about $35 from someone in my sweet little town. They were even delivered to my house for me! They fit perfectly in this area. Once I had my basic plan in mind, I built the legs opposite the lockers out of scrap lumber… actually, this entire project was created from scrap wood I had lying around from closet demolition and wood I found in The Burrow’s garage. To finish up the work surface, I laid a sturdy piece of plywood down on top and secured it!

Now, the fun bits are the shelves! See the vertical wall studs in front of the shiplap? What I did was I used a circular saw and I notched out the width of those studs in a long board to create the shelves. Then I braced them with extra vertical support and re-used angle brackets I found! I love that the shelves are made from one long piece!

Life in the Burrow: Basement Craft Zone

I used the zone in this state for quite a while. It held my tools and batteries and stuff like that, but I decided that sawdust and such near the washer and dryer wasn’t the best choice… SOO time for fun crafts instead!

Life in the Burrow: Basement Craft Zone

I stained the work surface plywood my favorite walnut color and also gave the shiplap and vertical supports a fresh coat of white paint. Then I cleaned and cleaned!

Life in the Burrow: Basement Craft Zone

I found that awesome chair in the garbage (no joke!) cleaned it, painted it, gave it a coat of poly, and then reupholstered the seat! I brought my incredible sewing machine down, my craft paper, all my little paints, my sharpies, and everything else. All the little odds and ends that can’t be cutely displayed are stored lovingly in the lockers!

Life in the Burrow: Basement Craft Zone

There is a better view of the rescued chair! Hanging on the closet bar I moved and rehung is my amazing vintage garment bag. I purchased that for my days as a member of the IU Singing Hoosiers! All of my yarn is currently stored in the green plastic storage bin because I have yet to redo the awesome metal cabinet to the left of the photo! That is another project for another day!

The best thing is, because the basement walls have a new coat of waterproofing on them, I have nothing to worry about!

All said and done, sometimes a blank wall can be creatively turned into something fun and inspirational! The days of dreaming of a craft zone have come to an end! It isn’t very big, but it is cool and comfy and cute!


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