Coin Magnet Craft: Jazz up your Fridge

Do any of you travel? I have this crazy dream to someday backpack through Europe on my summer break. It would just be SO lovely… Other than in my dreams, I haven’t done that much traveling outside of our 50 states; however, my family and friends have! Because of that, I’ve wound up with some really cool foreign coins. I even refinished an old dresser from a consignment shop (found in another post) and discovered a bunch of French coins from the 90’s!

Life in the Burrow

I decided to retire my childish, weakly magnetic plastic magnets and make some new ones. I felt like this would really make my fridge look much cooler.

Using basic super glue, and simple magnets purchased from Meijer (approx. $2 for a package of 8), I was able to add some classy foreign flare to my refrigerator and remind me of my dream on a daily basis! This craft is one you can complete with minimal time and effort, but it is a cool way to save those coins you’ve collected on your amazing adventures!

Life in the Burrow


Life in the Burrow

I have some Irish, Polynesian French, Canadian, Euros, some from Taiwan, and a couple of other cool places! Where have you been on your travels?

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