Completely Free Cork Board Map Craft

I am not one to let something perfectly good be thrown out. That is why when I saw a friend put a perfectly usable cork board by the trash, I snagged it!

It was big, had a silver metal frame, a little bit of writing on it, and some left over stickers… but it was in great shape. I’d had in my mind, for some time, to make a map of the United States and use pins to locate where all my family members and dearest friends live!!

There really is no “before” picture because there really isn’t much to this craft! You snag (or purchase, I suppose) a bulletin board/cork board and follow the steps!

1. Once I peeled off the stickers and removed the push pins, I painted the cork portion a simple white color. The white covered up the writing in one coat! I already had the white paint, and I didn’t want to spend any money.

: )

2. After the paint dried, I stuck the bulletin board in my car and took it to school with me. Then, during my lunch break, when I needed to do something creative, I put a simple map of the US up on my white board using my projector!

Life in the Burrow: Cork Board Map Craft

I positioned the cork board so the map was centered, grabbed a sharpie and traced it! It was so simple and didn’t take much time! I wanted to include Alaska and Hawaii so I found a separate map that included our outlying states and added them to the bottom left of the map.

You could also just trace a paper copy of a map if you don’t have access to a projector!

3. The now fully mapped bulletin board came back home with me and then all I did was approximate where each of my family members lived using dear old google maps!

Life in the Burrow: Cork Board Map Craft

4. The last thing I did was take a black sharpie paint pen and paint the top portion of the silver metal frame!

I used brightly colored push pins to give it a fun and whimsical look!

Life in the Burrow: Cork Board Map Craft

As soon as I am closer to finishing the hangout space in the basement, that is where this cool piece of practical art will hang! The best part? This entire project was completely free!

It is a simple craft that can be used to track where your family and friends live, teach states to your kiddos, or plot your cross-country road trip!

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