An Easy to Install Do-It-Yourself Plank Wall!

Wooden plank walls have turned into all the rage these days. I decided that the first floor of the Burrow doesn’t have the right feel for such a dominating feature, so I found the perfect place to put one! In the basement!!

When I first moved in, there was a massive closet installed by the stairs in the basement that really made no sense. It stuck way out, was difficult to maneuver, the doors didn’t work… It was just a silly closet. You can see it in this photo here:

Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install DIY Plank Wall

So, I ripped it out! I demolished it and reused a lot of the scrap wood for other projects.

I wanted to turn that section of the basement into a work out area. I wanted a place for my yoga mats and a treadmill… So the first thing I did after I ripped out the closets, was build a small shelving system. I purchased cheap plywood, had the boys at my local Lowe’s cut it down for me, and put them together with pocket holes and screws.

Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install DIY Plank Wall

Once they were built and I was happy with them, I painted them in the color palette I chose!Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install Plank Wall

Notice the wood wall with the furring strips attached to it behind the shelves? Those are what we will use to attach the planks to the wall! I had to attach one more furring strip on the far right side, I cut a 1×2 I had laying around to length and screwed it in.

Now, I was incredibly lucky. I had a bunch of wooden pallets given to me and pallets I found that I used for the project, so it didn’t cost me any money!

  1. Measure your space horizontally and vertically
  2. Take apart your pallets in your preferred method. I used a hammer and sawzall.
  3. Figure out the pattern you want your wall to have. I cut one horizontal line to length and then began to lay out the planks on the floor not making any cuts. It will look jagged, but that is okay.
  4. Once you’ve finished laying out the planks and reached your vertical measurement and you like your pattern, then you begin making your cuts to even out your edges!
  5. My saws are in a separate location than my basement. I didn’t want to mess up my pattern! What I did was, beginning at the top left, start numbering the planks in order until I reached the last one! Then I transferred them to the basement!
  6. Once in the basement, I began with plank number one, nailed it into the furring strip, moved on to number 2, then number 3, etc.

I used finishing nails. The pallet boards were very thin and light, so two finishing nails per furring strip per plank worked very well.

Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install DIY Plank Wall

I just love the color variation! And the numbering system I used worked very well, so I had zero confusion during the installation! But, if you look to the right of the photo, you can see the raw wood of the furring strip….. so what I did was paint it a dark teal color and it faded away with no problems!

Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install DIY Plank Wall

It looks much better than it did as a closet OR as a plain wooden wall. I wanted to add both some fun and some zen to my workout space, so I did!

Life in the Burrow: Easy to Install DIY Plank Wall

I added three fun mirrors from TJ Maxx, a beautiful zen photo from Ikea in a simple black frame, and a simple chalk board I made to keep track of my workouts! That is what is so awesome about a plank wall, it is super easy to hang wall art on it and if you need to adjust your wall art by moving the nail around, no one will ever notice your previous nail hole!

Once that was finished, I painted the concrete block foundation pillar white and added some fun decor from Hobby Lobby: a cheap retro clock, a sign with an awesome verse that is good to remember while working out, and a fun geometric shape I stuffed with some faux florals to bring some green to the space. Overall – this dreary 1929 basement is coming to life and now I actually WANT to be down there on the treadmill!!

Life in the Burrow - Plank Wall


Life in the Burrow - Plank Wall

Happy Planking!! (both workout wise and wall wise! : )

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