Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Every year, the English Department has a tradition on the twelve days leading up to Christmas break, a teacher signs up for a day and brings in something scrumptious to lunch! It can be something sweet or savory… and let me tell you, we are very happy at lunch time for those last twelve days! When it is my day, I choose to go… a little crazy. I make all sorts of sweet goodies. One such goody is a chocolate truffle.

The recipe is so easy that you might roll your eyes! But they turn out delicious and they are very versatile.

To make the chocolate truffle center:

  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup heavy cream

What I do is heat up the heavy cream to near boiling and pour it over the chocolate chips and then stir it up until the lovely chocolate ganache forms. Once it is smooth and you see no chippy chunks, pop that deliciousness into the fridge overnight.

Seriously… that is it.

Now – this is where you get to have some fun and individualize your truffles!! THE COATINGS!

I mix it up year by year. I have a couple of standbys -> pretzels and M&M’s. Sometimes I choose almonds or walnuts, sometimes Butterfingers, sometimes candy canes, you can do whatever tickles your taste buds. This year, I chose my old standbys, almonds, and cocoa powder.

Life in the Burrow: Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Once you’ve chosen your coatings, put them in ziploc baggies and grab something to crush them with. You want them to be small enough to easily cover the small truffle. I have an amazing multi-tool hammer given to me by my mom years ago when I went to college. It has variously sized screw drivers in the handle! Once they’re all secure, smash, smash, smash!

Life in the Burrow: Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

I take great joy in this portion of the truffle-making! I might also make sound effects……. Okay, I definitely make sound effects…

I then pour the bits into little tupperware containers. This makes it super convenient to roll the truffles around in once they’re scooped.

Life in the Burrow: Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

It is really important to do this close to your sink with REALLY HOT water running. You need your preferred scooper to be hot as you dip it in to your truffle ganache. I just let my sink run and then let the hot water run over the BOTTOM of my scooper. Once I feel it is hot enough, I just shake off the excess water and it cuts through the chocolate like buttah.

Once the chocolate is scooped, I just literally plop it into the coating of my choice then use my fingers to roll it around. Once it is decently coated, I put it in a mini-cupcake liner! They fit perfectly.

Life in the Burrow: Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

The very first time I made these, I made an absolute MESS. As the years have gone by, however, the mess has gradually become basically nonexistent. That makes me a happy Mills as I am not fond of kitchen-cleaning.

Once you’ve scooped the last of the ganache out of your bowl, make sure you put your truffles back in the fridge until they’re ready to serve!

Life in the Burrow: Easy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Aside from letting the chocolate truffle ganache chill overnight, the prep time for this adorable Christmas dessert is only about 15-20 minutes!  I hope this delicious treat brings some tastiness to your next holiday gathering!

Merry Christmas!

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