Laundry Room: From Trash to Treasure!

Laundry is a necessary part of our lives, but it sure isn’t a fun part! At least… I don’t get a particular joy out of doing laundry. When I explored the slightly creepy basement upon moving in to the Burrow, I found a shelving unit that probably should have been thrown in the trash and a super old table with gorgeous turned legs, amongst other strange odds and ends. I decided to take these two forgotten pieces and turn them into something wonderful for my laundry room.

I started by completely taking the shelving unit apart. It was shot. The backing and original shelves were unsalvageable. I decided to attach the shell of the shelving unit to the back of the table to create a storage/folding unit to go in between my washer and dryer!

Life in the Burrow: Laundry Room Trash to Treasure

All I used were basic wood screws! It was very simple! There is plastic covering the top of the table because it was in SUCH rough shape. As I did laundry during the completion of this project, I just couldn’t bear to have any of it actually sit on that table top… ick!

My next step was to cut lengths of scrap wood I had lying around to fit the length and width of the shell of this unit to work as new shelves! You can see where the original shelves were and I aimed to have them sit in the same location! But, the original locations didn’t fit my detergents and things… so I improvised and created my own shelving height. It worked out well.

Life in the Burrow: Laundry Room Trash to Treasure

My next task was to figure out something to fix that terrible old table top. I toyed around with tiling it or just painting it, doing a cool metal top or a cement layer, but I had so much scrap wood from demolishing a closet (another story for another post!) that I decided to make a new wooden top!

The first thing I did was cut horizontal planks to fit from in-between the shelving unit all the way to the front of the table. I tried to make them as flush on the sides as humanly possible. Once I was pleased with their measurements, I attached them to the table top. Then, I cut pieces of trim to go along the sides, finishing out the look so it appeared much neater! The table was so old, it had fallen out of square and, no matter what I did, it would never be 100% perfect again, but it turned out okay!

Life in the Burrow: Laundry Room Trash to Treasure

It looks much better than that silly plastic bag!!

Life in the Burrow: Laundry Room Trash to Treasure

When I was pleased with how it was all attached, I sanded and sanded until it was so butter smooth I could have rubbed my face along it with no problem! It still looked unfinished, though… So I broke out the trusty dark walnut stain and went to work! Once I was finished staining, I painted the beautiful legs of the old table white so they would stand out and the detail would pop. I then gave the shelving unit a fun pop of color as well! Fresh white on the outside and a fun green on the inside!

Life in the Burrow: Laundry Room Trash to Treasure

I then found a cheap, adorable metal Laundry Service sign at Hobby Lobby just for fun and now, while doing laundry still isn’t the most fun task in all the land, it isn’t as terrible!

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