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Again… Mills loves her mirrors…and third person apparently. Anywho, I found this awesome nine-paned window at an antique store I’m obsessed with called Green Oak Antiques in Rochester, IN. After perusing window crafts on le Pinterest, the place where all inspiration comes to roost, I had a plan. Six of the panes would be a mirror, two would be cork board, and one would be a dry erase board. Easy enough, right?

Luckily, I had a frameless mirror handy and took it to a local shop to have it cut for me (it was a tempered mirror and I mainly work with…not…glass…) and they cut it to size rather quickly. I also picked up some more glass adhesive. Then I ran to our local Staples and bought sheets of corkboard.

They came in a package like thisLife in the Burrow- Mirror Message Center

After I had all the supplies, it came time to bust out the elbow grease!

I removed the original  and window caulking with a scraper and lots of that magical elbow grease. This old window probably would have kept the rain out for quite a few more years had it not been removed from whatever home it had been in. Once all the panes were out, I inserted the cut pieces of mirror and made sure they were all snug as bugs in their…..window frames…moving on now.

Life in the Burrow

The corkboard was MUCH easier to deal with and went into their portions of the window very easily followed by a white piece of paper behind the single windowpane I did not remove. And there we have our mirror, corkboard, and white board message center!

Life in the Burrow

The last step, a while later, was to attach two amazing brackets I also purchased from Green Oak Antiques on either side of the window and cut a piece of scrap wood to length and made a shelf. Painted the whole thing a fresh coat of white and it was good to go!

Easy peasy!


Window: Approx. $9

Brackets: Approx. $6

Mirror cuts: Approx. $7

Cork tiles: Approx. $16

Life in the Burrow

Life in the Burrow


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