Outdoor Coffee Table: A Pallet Love Story

The Burrow has an adorable front screened in porch. I splurged on some amazing patio furniture from Pier 1, but the space still needed a coffee table. I was messing around online and saw all of these amazing outdoor crafts made from shipping pallets! I started collecting them from friends who were doing remodels, from the side of the road, and from acquaintances who would just drop them off at my house for me!

One pallet had a very interesting construction: it was a long rectangle with an area that was sunken down just off-center. I don’t remember where this pallet came from or what it was used to ship, but once I saw it I knew it would make a perfect table!

Life in the Burrow

I measured the width and cut various pieces of other pallets to size and attached them to the base to create the tabletop. Then, using some 4×4 posts I found in my garage upon moving in, I cut and attached the legs. Once the basic shape had taken place, I spent a little more time cutting the pieces to fit in, and surround, the sunken area. I figured it would be a super cute little niche to put some plants.

Life in the Burrow

Now, this thing was SOLID. Before I moved it into place, I sanded down the top just to get rid of any major splinters that were coming off of the cut pieces of pallet wood. I didn’t paint or stain it because I wanted it to retain its natural patina, and I think that was the right call. It turned out great!

Then I heaved and huffed and puffed and carried it into place! It has held up well, holding my various cacti and succulent plants all summer long. The plants have grown up since this project was completed! Take a look!

Life in the Burrow

This entire project, thanks to the generosity of people getting rid of pallets, cost $0.00! Just goes to show that with some time and effort, you can create something great with just what you find!

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