Statement Mirror on a Budget

I love decorating with mirrors. They spread the light around and make a space seem brighter and happier…until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the morning from multiple angles… But still, mirrors can really make a space seem bigger- which I like! Growing up, my parents had this really cool, big statement mirror in their master bedroom that I loved, and when I bought my own place- I HAD to have one. However, they are PRICEY.

Life in the Burrow

So, I came up with a plan.

First step: Go to your local Wal-Mart or Meijer and buy two of those $5 floor length mirrors (the cheap ones with the tiny little frames? You know the ones I mean, right?) This kind -> Meijer Mirrors

Second: CAREFULLY start to remove the frame from the top of one mirror and the bottom of the other. The frames are made of a thick, cardboard-type material, so a utility knife does the trick just fine. Now…. Don’t do what I did and move too quickly. The adhesive on these suckers is pretty serious and I ended up cracking one of the mirrors ($5 down the drain : /) Back to Meijer I went. Once you have removed enough of the trim to make a clean seam when laying the mirrors next to each other, you’re good.

Third: Figure out a design you’re crazy about, measure, and take a trip to your local lumber supplier! I go to Lowe’s for my lumber because the guys there practically know me, and they’ve always been super helpful and kind. I bought two 6ft 1×3” pieces of white wood (the cheap stuff). I also picked up a 8 1×1” square dowels. I was lucky and found a store of scrap wood in my basement and garage when I bought my house, so I had enough to make the top and bottom of my mirror without purchasing anything new, I just made sure they matched the 1” depth I’d chosen.

Statement Mirror on a budget- Life in the Burrow

Fourth: I made sure my scrap wood was cut to my desired length/width, and I even added a curve to the top. My house has lots of right angles and sharp lines, so I thought a curve would be a nice way to break it up, but you could do any shape you wanted! I laid the wooden frame out on the ground and traced the mirror out to make sure everything lined up. Then I ran a small line of wood glue where the old cardboard frame sits on the mirror and hand nailed some small finishing nails in and that was it! The outer frame was complete! I let it dry upside down overnight. (Yay gravity!)

Fifth: When I was confident it was dry and solid, I flipped that puppy over and surveyed the progress. So far, so good! Save for the giant seam where the two mirrors met….but I had a plan for that.

Statement mirror on a budget - Life in the Burrow

I measured out equidistant panes and ran out to my saw and cut the 1×1” square dowels to size. I made sure to start the placement of the dowels on that icky seam just in case my math was wrong (I am an English teacher after all) and then worked outwards from that center dowel. I just used a simple adhesive meant for glass. Once the horizontal dowels were in place, I lined up the vertical dowels and glued them in following the same technique and let them dry for 24 hours. Now, a couple of them must have slid and are a touch wonky, only I can tell (but still…grrr…).

Final step: Once everything was dry and solid, I painted the whole thing using a color that matched my living room color scheme. I even hit in a small nail to hang decorative wreaths for the change of seasons. Over all, I think this project cost me (not counting the broken mirror) less than $35. A super budget friendly way to add happy light and a statement to any room!

Statement Mirror on a Budget- Life in the Burrow

Life in the Burrow Life in the Burrow

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  1. Barb Reed | 6th Jul 17

    You are such a clever gal!

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